Optimized control. Maximized energy savings. Deployed at scale.

It all starts with ATLAS: an enterprise cloud platform that presents a powerful new breed of industrial refrigeration control technologies.

Automated Energy Savings

Watch your energy savings grow with ATLAS.

ATLAS is an industrial Operating System equipped with intelligent control systems and AI-driven applications that execute a customized energy strategy for every site, driving up to 48% energy savings through automated control.

Energy Savings industrial kwh reduction

Transforming Industrial Cold Storage and Food Processing Facilities into Smart Facilities.

Revolutionary Control for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Through modern software infrastructure and cloud-based computing, ATLAS leverages data from outside your facility to optimize and run facilities at maximum efficiency.

cloud apps

Integrated Suite of Cloud Applications

The ATLAS Platform connects your facility to an integrated suite of cloud applications that drive value across your enterprise and enable your entire organization to control, collaborate, and monitor your industrial processes from the cloud.


  • Future-proof your portfolio.

    A modern operating system architecture that can adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of today and tomorrow.

    • Centralized industrial operating system extendable across your entire organization, regardless of site-specific hardware
    • Unbounded future improvements and continuous updates deployed across all sites
    • Enables remote engineering to minimize dependencies on shrinking talent pool or on-site labor
  • Unify your enterprise.

    ATLAS unites people, processes, and data across your entire portfolio of facilities. It is a single control system designed for every facility – no more site-specific one-offs. ATLAS is built to go everywhere.

    • Unified control narratives, process alarms, and ammonia response logic
    • Standardized safety and compliance protocols for every site
    • Consistent and intuitive dashboard to streamline onboarding, cross-training, and operator productivity
  • Partner with AI.

    ATLAS is a self-learning, data-driven control system that gets smarter every day. Continuously tuning itself and improving your system efficiencies so you don’t have to.

    • Real-time responses to physical onsite and external conditions
    • Physics-based machine learning
    • Autonomous AI-driven control to increase throughput while reducing costs
Cloud Process Control

Leveraging the power of the cloud.

Through the cloud, ATLAS unlocks the gateway to next-generation technologies and unprecedented capabilities that only cloud-based infrastructure can provide:

Industrial cloud process control system
  • Enterprise Governance & Data Visibility

    See and control every facility in your portfolio, from anywhere through secure remote connectivity.

    Customize which people can perform which actions and even restrict certain actions to only occur from particular locations. Every alert and every action is logged and tracked to ensure accountability across your teams.

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  • Continuous Updates and Improvements

    Gone are the days when you worry about what version of software runs your sites.

    ATLAS updates continuously so every site has the latest and greatest features and functionality, always.

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  • 3rd Party Data Integration

    ATLAS can access external data sources to enable your system to run more efficiently.

    Integrating 3rd party information like local weather forecast, utility electrical rates, live grid conditions, carbon impact, and production schedules to model your site’s power consumption and compute and automatically implement the ideal energy strategy to save you money.

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  • Carbon Reduction and Tracking

    Is your Operating System helping or hurting your carbon footprint?

    Not only can ATLAS reduce your carbon emissions, but by connecting to external data, it can also track Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

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  • industrial Safety and Compliance protocol

    Improved Safety & Compliance

    ATLAS brings your entire portfolio onto a single standard for improved safety, IIAR 2 compliance, and consistent emergency response.

    Any changes or updates to your corporate standard or industry regulations can be integrated across your portfolio with the simple click of a button.

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  • Scalable App Deployment

    ATLAS allows new tools and applications to be tested and distributed to all your sites immediately and remotely.

    Eliminating the complexities and costs of implementation and maintaining software on-premises.

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A Cyber-Secure Solution

Engineered with an unwavering commitment to cybersecurity, ATLAS utilizes robust security measures to safeguard your operations against cyber threats and unauthorized access. ATLAS sets the industry standard as a fully SOC2-compliant control system, ensuring your operations stay protected against the evolving threat landscape.

SSO / 2-Factor Authentication
Live security patches
Granular access controls
Data encryption and replication
Facility Integrations

Your facility doesn’t have to be new to be modern.

ATLAS is designed for seamless integration into your facility by connecting your open controls hardware to the cloud, transforming your existing sensors and equipment into intelligent IoT devices that can be controlled and optimized through modern software.

Compatible with open control hardware:

CrossnoKaye team beach day offsite group picture 2023 tech software startup Santa Barbara
About Us

We are CrossnoKaye.

We’re on a mission to make industrial facilities smarter, safer, and more efficient by bringing the software and science revolution to heavy industries.  We’ve built a powerhouse team of physicists, refrigeration engineers, controls experts, the largest team of software engineers in the industry, and researchers in the fields of machine learning, numerical optimization, data science, and thermodynamics.

Our entire team is driven to transform the industrial landscape and make a measurable impact on climate change, starting with Food & Beverage cold storage and processing facilities.

CrossnoKaye is growing.

Team Members
PhD’s on Staff
Software Engineers
Refrigeration & Controls Engineers
Collective Years of Experience in Industrial Refrigeration/Controls

Executive Leadership

Jesse Crossno

Chief Product Officer
Jesse Crossno
Chief Product Officer

Jesse Crossno is co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CrossnoKaye. He received a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University where he researched low-dimensional systems in collaboration with Raytheon BBN’s Quantum Information Processing (QuIP) group. With over 15 years experience in advanced controls, Jesse now oversees the development of CrossnoKaye’s ATLAS Platform and leads the product and science teams to integrate physics-based machine learning and predictive analytics into ATLAS for the highest reliability, safety, performance, and control.

Bryan Kaye

Chief Executive Officer
Bryan Kaye
Chief Executive Officer

After receiving his Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Bryan co-founded and became Chief Technology Officer at Bioelectric Research Corporation. He then went on to obtain a Master’s and PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University and a mini-MBA from Harvard Business School. He consulted for large industrial companies building AI-based software applications since 2014. After personally experiencing the difficulty in deploying software applications at scale in the heavy industrial space, he and Jesse Crossno founded CrossnoKaye.

Jon Ziskind

Chief Revenue Officer
Jon Ziskind
Chief Revenue Officer

Jon is a dynamic individual and a driven customer-focused executive concentrating on driving revenue growth.  In 2008, Jon founded a technology company that capitalized on the emerging geospatial tools market, particularly with the advent of location-aware phones and IoT devices. He played a pivotal role in driving the adoption of location-aware apps and solutions and secured prominent clients such as AT&T and Verizon, expanding the company’s reach.

Jon’s fervor lies in achieving product-market fit, developing go-to-market strategies, fostering sales growth, establishing predictable revenue models, and raising funds to facilitate sustainable company growth and profitability. He extended his expertise to early-stage companies as a consultant, assisting them in identifying and executing on product-market fit, formulating robust go-to-market strategies, nurturing early customer relationships, and securing vital fundraising opportunities.

Throughout his career, Jon has maintained an unwavering passion for startup and early-stage companies driven by impactful missions. His dedication to delivering exceptional solutions to customers while ensuring growth, profitability, and investor returns remains a cornerstone of his professional pursuits.

Erik Philipp

Chief Operating Officer
Erik Philipp
Chief Operating Officer

Erik is a licensed professional engineer with 20+ years utilities, construction, system design, and operations expertise. He is now the Chief Operating Officer at CrossnoKaye, leading all operations, including the installation and service of the ATLAS platform.  Before CrossnoKaye, Erik ran a $500m+ P&L with National Veterinary Associates, an Ares Private Equity portfolio company, consulted for the utilities industry with Bain & Company, and served as an officer in the US Air Force. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Environmental Engineering Systems Design, also from Johns Hopkins, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Raphael Simon

Chief Technology Officer
Raphael Simon
Chief Technology Officer

Raphael Simon is a highly accomplished technology executive with over 25 years of experience developing software and leading teams to deliver innovative solutions to customers. Raphael has held several leadership positions, including Vice President of Architecture at Flexera and Chief Technology Officer at Rightscale. Under his tenure as CTO, RightScale was recognized by analysts as the leader in cloud management and cloud cost optimization – the only company to lead in both categories. Raphael is widely recognized as a thought leader in the technology industry, and brings to CrossnoKaye his  expertise in software architecture, cloud computing, and open-source software. Now serving as Chief Technology Officer of CrossnoKaye, Raphael is responsible for leading the company’s technology vision and ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality software solutions to clients. He works closely with the company’s engineering teams to drive innovation and create value for customers.

Awards and Press

2022 Better Project Award

Lineage Logistics recognized for its deployment of the ATLAS Platform to create energy efficiencies.

2022 RETA Breeze March-April

Cybersecurity cover feature and editorial by Josh Symonds, Lead Information Security Engineer at CrossnoKaye.

2022 Top Software & Technology Provider

CrossnoKaye honored as one of the top software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain.

2023 Rising Star Award

CrossnoKaye was honored with a Rising Star Award at the 2023 South Coast Business and Technology Awards.

Cleantech Open West 2019 Winner

Recognized with a People’s Choice award and West Regional Winner at the Cleantech Open Global Forum.

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