Take Control with ATLAS

Intelligent control for industrial refrigeration

A Technological Revolution for Industrial Cold Storage

CrossnoKaye is revolutionizing control and management of industrial cold storage and food processing facilities. Our enterprise cloud-controls platform, ATLAS, deploys advanced automation, monitoring, and analytics to provide realtime throughput and energy optimization.

With ATLAS, our customers run the safest, most reliable and efficient facilities in the industry. ATLAS empowers our customers to use technology, people, and processes to improve business performance.

ATLAS is the first control platform to deploy applications to transform facilities into modern, cloud-enabled systems. Artificial intelligence for industrial refrigeration is here.

Learn how we helped
Lineage Logistics reduce energy costs by 37%

“ATLAS gives me the visibility and control to run my operations better than ever.”

Miguel Rodriguez
Facility Manager

Reduction in energy costs

A New Benchmark in Facility Optimization

ATLAS connects with every data feed


ATLAS generates savings and increases revenue by controlling your system with advanced AI


Using advanced AI, ATLAS always keeps your facility in compliance and operating under the safest conditions.


Automatically maximize uptime and throughput in production with machine learning.


ATLAS reacts to facility requirements in realtime, operating equipment with precision and maximum efficiency.


ATLAS allows you to know more about your facility than ever before. ATLAS detects, alerts and reacts to performance abnormalities and trends toward non-compliance in milliseconds rather than minutes, hours or shifts.