A new way of controlling your facility with
Industrial AI and Digital Twin Modeling
Fully Automated Energy Savings
Economic Model Predictive Controls
Continuous AI-Based Commissioning
Physics-Based Machine Learning
Remote Control and Collaboration
Enterprise Data Visibility
Real-Time Efficiency Monitoring
Portfolio Standardization
Cloud Applications
Self-Updating Smart Software
Real-Time Scope 2 Carbon Intensity


Smart Apps for Smart Facilities

Intelligent Process Control

ATLAS connects your facility to a suite of cloud & edge applications that transform your refrigeration processes with high-performance controls and energy-saving AI that scales across your entire portfolio.

Energy AI industrial AI digital twin model training facility optimized power consumption
Energy AI

Unlock AI-Powered Energy Savings

ATLAS won’t just tell you how to reduce your electric bill, it will do it for you. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Energy AI application executes a customized and automated energy strategy for each site, continuously adapting to plant conditions, dynamic utility rates, and local weather forecasts to drive up to 48% energy savings.

Fully autonomous AI-driven industrial control system
Facility-specific digital twin utilizing physics-based machine learning
Economic Model Predictive Control (EMPC)
Real-time identification and correction of system inefficiencies
industrial process control machine room simulation facility engine room remote monitoring and engineering
Process View

Superior Process Control

Process View provides actionable insights for your critical assets, enabling easy visualization, troubleshooting of inefficiencies, and agile decision-making to enhance efficiencies within your refrigeration cycle process.

Critical insights at a glance
Remote monitoring and control
Contextualized process data with intuitive visualizations
Realistic training environment for operator onboarding
Facility Map

Interactive Gateway into your Facility

Monitor your entire plant from a bird’s eye view with Facility Map. Zoom in, interact with equipment and quickly pinpoint faults or alarms – all from anywhere at any time.

Interactive digital facility blueprint and physical layout modeling
Preview equipment health metrics and current status
View alert notifications on sensors and equipment
Toggle between equipment types to filter map display
ATLAS Alerts

Modern Incident Prevention

Stay ahead of potential issues before they become a problem. ATLAS monitors your entire system 24/7/365 and will keep you informed of anything that needs attention with actionable alerts sent straight to your phone, tablet, or computer around the clock.

Real-time anomaly detection and diagnosis
Notifications via SMS text and email
Alarm history log and response reporting
Integrated with 24/7/365 customer support by industrial control specialists

Instant Analytics and Deeper Insights

Analyze, visualize, and troubleshoot your equipment outputs with the Trends app. Identify inefficiencies, perform root cause diagnosis, and uncover patterns of behavior within your system like you’ve never been able to before.

Real-time machine performance data
Historical charting
Compare multiple data points on the same graph
Temperature log reports for stakeholders and customers
equipment browser digital inventory iiot devices sensors equipment machines compressors evaporators condensers valves vessels
Equipment Browser

Integrated IIoT Search Engine

Equipment Browser is a master inventory of your IIoT equipment, sewing together the data threads from every sensor and device throughout your facility onto a single screen. Zero in on any piece of equipment, check settings, and initiate actions without navigating multiple tabs or relying on handwritten lists.

Search and filter by Equipment type, Sensor type, or Alerts
Preview high-level health metrics and operating status
Change modes, settings, and setpoint parameters
Analyze equipment-specific trends
Blast Scheduler blast cell optimization manage track visual batch process blast freezing
Blast Optimizer

Optimized blast freezing.

Avoid over-blasting and minimize your freeze costs with Blast Optimizer – an app that simplifies your blast processes and allows you to optimize your blast cells for higher throughput and lower costs.

Simple blast setup
Advanced scheduling around shutdowns and high rate periods
Blast cell performance monitoring and optimization
Continuous trending of energy usage during active blasts

Take control from the palm of your hand.

ATLAS mobile connectivity lets you monitor and control your equipment from anywhere – whether you’re running around the plant or tuning in from home – saving you unnecessary trips and downtime.


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