The next generation of industrial controls

ATLAS uses machine learning to provide a comprehensive overview of your equipment, buildings, facilities and portfolio

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ATLAS Is a Scalable Platform based on Control

The first ever platform to combine IoT data and automated controls

ATLAS is the world’s most advanced industrial control system. Leveraging proprietary AI modeling, machine learning, and predictive analysis, ATLAS empowers stakeholders by delivering complete transparency of operational data and equipment performance. Based on your facility's specific operational situation, ATLAS takes over and controls your equipment to maximize your entire facility's performance. All of the corresponding results are displayed transparently and prominently through tailored dashboards

Equipment, buildings and facilities

Control starts with machinery but doesn't end there

Control systems are designed to operate equipment but are unable to react to changing conditions both inside and outside your facility. The ATLAS system ties directly into all of your existing machinery through PLC's, but unlike other systems, it takes a global view of controls. ATLAS minimizes electrical costs by automatically balancing loads throughout the facility based on complicated and changing rate structures, while maintaining all necessary space conditions

Portfolio-wide controls

Understanding a facility's systems is key to dynamic system-wide control

ATLAS' control logic focuses on maximizing how each system in your facility works by understanding the interplay between all the systems. This approach is critical to understanding how to operate buildings within a facility and facilities within a portfolio, at peak efficiency. Users also have the ability to control their entire organization from any computer which gives them unprecedented control

Advanced Process Controls

Minimize costs while maintaining prime conditions 24/7

The ATLAS Digital Twin's robust APC algorithm runs thousands of simulations in real time to map out and implement the optimal plan, given your operating constraints, for every control point in your facility.  Once this recipe has been deployed ATLAS begins running simulations based on the new data coming back into the system and continuously updates settings to ensure you are maximizing cost savings


Clear and transparent representation of data and results

Based on the tenet "trust but verify" ATLAS Dashboards enable access to real-time results tailored to specific user needs. Operators, General Managers, Corporate Engineering, and Executive teams may have different interests within the same facility. Operators want to see how their equipment is running in overall performance and equipment health; GM's and Engineering want to enable process controls dashboards (i.e. Blast Freezing), and the Executive team wants to track financial performance at each facility across their portfolio. Each of these stakeholders gets exactly what they desire on a single cloud controls platform

Data Feeds

Act on Information immediately

Without the ability to incorporate external data into control systems you are unable to truly optimize your operations. ATLAS knows the weather, current utility rates, and internal production data; and uses it to significantly impact your bottom line by integrating information into Advanced Process Controls. As soon as any of those variables change, our system adjusts to account for the updated conditions