The ATLAS Platform

Intelligent control from anywhere

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The ATLAS Platform & your facility


Step 1


ATLAS connects to the PLCs in your control panel, and directly to industrial equipment and sensors. Whatever you have now, we make it work better for you. Retrofits don't have to be complicated and expensive; ATLAS integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

Step 2


Built for industrial locations, ATLAS IoT framework captures, organizes, and stores equipment and operational data. Secure data collection is the foundation

Step 3


ATLAS creates a virtual version of your exact facility. Machine learning algorithms use sensors to train physics-based models in real time, making a custom digital representation of your system. IoT data is used to continually update and inform causal models of the facility's processes. This Digital Twin gives more insight than was ever before possible

Step 4


Using the Digital Twin, ATLAS computes ideal facility functions based on your business goals. Whether optimizing for electricity costs, GHG emissions, product throughput, you name it, these digital models and prescriptions are calculated to maximize your preferred kind of savings

Step 5


ATLAS not only shows your facility holistically, but it also directly controls equipment optimally. Using the Digital Twin and Optimizer, ATLAS adapts control strategies in real time for changing conditions. The output of the Optimizer is deployed automatically through our onsite controllers, which directly link to and run facility equipment. ATLAS is continuously processing live information, resulting in constant operational improvements

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